Online learning does not replace the traditional face-to-face learning methods, but should be seen as a supplementary means of learning. It enables many employees in industries that work long hours, sometimes on a shift basis, as well as those who live and work far away from training centres, to access and learn on their own without any impact on the operational aspects of the business. These courses are flexible enough to include a blended approach by combining the self-learning with a select number of contact sessions to maximise its value.

It is self-paced and is certainly more cost-effective than traditional learning approaches.

The fact that a manager can learn with ease and in the comfort of his/her free time, makes this approach a lot more appealing. We all know how disruptive time away for training can be in the organisation.

There are other less obvious, but very real factors, that are seldom raised by training providers, about how effective the class-based training actually is. Evidence from numerous studies has shown that participants only recall roughly 15% of what they hear, see and experience in a classroom situation.

“The Be Series” – Be Smart and use this Affordable Learning Option to improve your Management Skills