The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) learning system commences during the course of next year.

This means that the unit standard based courses and programmes of the past will fall away and need to be replaced. Relevant SETA’s will announce the timelines and although teach-out periods will be allowed, the realignment or development from scratch of QCTO-formatted learning content will still need to be done in advance.

A QCTO qualification, whether in the form of a learnership or otherwise, is not going to be conducted in exactly the same way as at present – it’s a whole different ball game! Besides the content that has to be reorganised, the learning processes, and especially the assessment method, are radically different.

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I have been developing new qualifications on the QCTO framework for the last two years already for a range of clients and am currently implementing these and building up the experience and capacity to help you with the change over to the new system.

The writing of learning materials against a curriculum is a professional undertaking and if you are serious about doing it properly and professionally, call me. Let’s discuss your training material needs.

TFND is a dedicated learning materials development specialist – come to the experts.

We provide customised packages that include: Learner workbooks for the knowledge, practical skills and work experience modules, facilitator guides for all three modules, PP slides, assessment documents and we will customise these to your business processes.


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